12 step program refers to a process for recovery and a 12 step program will help maintain abstinence for years. 12 step program attendance is highly recommended after inpatient recovery care and for good reason. A recent UCLA study shows that individuals who attended a 12 step program on a regular basis were less likely to return to abusing alcohol and drugs. Many support groups take the form of a 12 step program such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. Since the 12 step program was first established nearly 70 years ago, nearly every behavior disorder imaginable has a corresponding 12 step program.

The 12 step program is described as a process because it is important to practice its principles every day in order to stay abstinent from drugs, alcohol and other destructive behaviors. Individuals who apply 12 step program principles to their lives find a new way of living that is beyond their hopes and dreams. Treatment centers are a popular and effect method of beginning a 12 step program.

Spencer Recovery Centers has been introducing clients to the recovery community for over a decade. Treatment begins by correctly identifying the true problem and determining an effective treatment plan. Spencer accomplishes this goal by employing medical doctors and psychologists trained in the addiction field. After personalized medical attention eases withdrawal symptoms, intensive counseling sessions lay a foundation of open communication. Through one on one sessions and group therapy classes, clients who up to this point had been living in denial and running away from reality are able to see the truth.

Honesty is the beginning of the 12 step program. Admission that one is out of control and powerless to stop drinking and/or using is required to begin the recovery process. Most people are facing several crises in their lives with family or employer or even the court system so often this first step is not too difficult.

Having faith that the program can work for you too is usually achieved by personal witness of those sharing their own stories and how they recovered. Again, Spencer facilitates this step through group sessions where all sorts of different people can share about their common problems with drugs and alcohol and what they did to get better. Trusting that a 12 step program can work is an important second step.

The third step that an effective treatment facility like Spencer Recovery Center will help establish is helping its clients with giving up the old destructive lifestyle by surrendering the fight. Addiction will always win the battle of wills and it is a critical third step to understand that only by giving up and surrendering the power will a new constructive life have a chance to develop.

Spencer Recovery Centers truly believes that a 12 step program can work for anyone who truly works it. Our job is to get you or your loved one started with the right foundation and education to stay clean and sober for a lifetime.

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